Catalyst is passionate about design. Your Design.

In today's marketplace given a choice between two similar products or services - the best design is chosen.

The most successful companies understand this and design their products and services to gain the advantage.


When trying to choose who to use or what to buy people compare prices, but if your brand image is right customers want to choose you- even if you are more expensive - because your image says - you are the best.

That could be the best looking or most cool, the longest lasting, the fastest, the strongest, the best value, the most trust worthy, the simplest to use.

Catalyst is expert at ensuring that you clearly define, consistently communicate and continually reinforce your message throughout your marketplace and organisation.


Every business is different - and your printed and published marketing material needs to ensure you stand out for all the right reasons.

Product Design and Styling.

In today's world it is not enough that something simply works, it must also have the right look.

Onsite and Online Design

The real world and the vitual world: some industries require their customers to physically come to them and must create the right image to attract passing custom, but more and more are expanding from their real world and selling online.

Infact growing numbers of companies are making a success of online only ventures.


Knowledge is power. Catalyst offers you this power with over 15 years of experience, professional connections and resources across a wide range of areas and skills to ensure maximum results for your budget.

To list a few of theseā€¦

Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Interior Designers, Product Designers, Packaging Designers, Copy Writers;
Photographers, Illustrators, Programmers, Animators, Sound Engineers, Broadcast Engineers;
Models, Stylists, Make Up Artists; Signage Engineers, Manufacturers, Fabricators: plastics, metals and wood;
Print technologies: full colour lithographic, line colour lithographic, digital full colour, large format digital, foil, thermographic, screen, flexographic, etc..


Catalyst is at your service and offers you passion, judgement, experience, value and results that are tried, tested and proven.

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